What if you stayed in *BEAST MODE*
like Ramadan never left??
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What is Beast Mode?
In Ramadan, our ability to perform surprises us. 

Somehow, we fast 18 hours, stand in prayer all night, make Dua all day, give in charity without fear of poverty. 

Then when Eid comes and goes, it’s like our super juice ran out… and it’s back to how it used to before Ramadan. 

Self-promises broken. Goals unachieved. Excuses piled up. 

What if we behaved like Ramadan never left?

Here’s what’s gonna happen:

Together, we’ll take the same old post-Ramadan routine of procrastination…

...and SMASH IT!

NO ONE has ever focused on the Post-Ramadan season like we’re about to.

This isn’t a one-day lecture to motivate you for all of 1 hour before it fizzles out again. 

Rather, what I’m proposing isn’t a lecture at all. 
Here’s what the BringIt! Program is specifically
You commit to me for 4 days, after Ramadan.

You don’t have to travel anywhere, because I’ll be hooking up with you online.

Each day for these 4 days, I’m going to take on a different slice of your life:

Day 1, it’s going to be focused on Time Mastery
Day 2, it’s going to be Wealth Mastery
Day 3, it’s Deen Mastery
Day 4, we're going to be focused on Health Mastery
The focus will not be on lecturing. Instead it’ll be about taking decisive action.

The focus will not be on “religious education”. Instead it will be about defining the crucial first steps and doing it right then and there.

First I’ll motivate you by sharing with you stories of humans who lived their true full potential.

Then I’ll do a visualization activity with you so that you can get clear on what it is you really want.

Then I’ll give you some super valuable resources that I have personally benefitted from, programs – books – online resources, etc.  

And then comes the nucleus, the intention of our BringIt! event:

We’re going to put a 20 minute countdown clock and then you’re going to take inspired action! You’re going to BringIt!

And you’re not going to be allowed to go to the next video, until you’ve taken action.

You'll register for something, open an online account somewhere, call someone critical -- whatever it is, you'll take the crucial first steps towards your dreams. (I know you just got a thrill thinking about that!)
The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. And the first step is the hardest. That’s why we are doing it together.

Then you can come to the celebration video and share with the others what inspired action you took and they’re going to share what inspired action they took so we can all celebrate each other.

Then for the next 24 hours you’re going to take action after action, giving yourself 10 points for every action that you take and you’re going to aim to get 100 points on every day of the 4-Day BringIt! challenge.
Here Are At Least 10 Things You Will Learn And Do
I will share with you strategic stories that I have found in my life to be the most motivational, thought-provoking, and metaphoric.
I will give you specifics on how to take your mind out of the equation so that you do not have to trust “will power” any more, and instead simply reap future success automatically.
I will tell you why you procrastinate, and show you how to respect procrastination and listen to the truth it’s telling you.
I will show you how to control the ruthless abusive internal head talk we put ourselves through. And then I’ll teach you how to reconcile your head with your heart.
You will look specifically at your money coming in and going out, and take action to invest for the future.
You will create a photo album of your dreams and aspirations.
You will cleanse your mind of all the thousands of ‘stuff’ (including the stuff gathering dust at the bottom) and have it neatly organized
I’ll show you health strategies that work no matter what, no more fretting about going on a diet.
If memorizing Quran is your goal, or one for your kids, I’ll show you where you can find the best teachers.
What if you don’t know what you want or what to do? No worries, I’ll show you the master tool to use so that your future success is still automated.
Carry the Ramadan motivation POST-Ramadan... If you want your dua to come true, you must act.This is where the action comes in play!
Change Happens When Action Is Taken
In my years teaching and coaching thousands of people, I have observed that the most profound change happens when someone takes action.

This program is not about talk. It is not about lecturing. It is about YOU. It is about YOUR life. It is about you DOING.

In this event, we're going to be leveraging peer pressure accountability. If a herd of buffalo are running north, guess which direction you’ll head? That’s right, join the herd.

Can you see why I'm so excited? Imagine all the lives that will change in these 4 days, all because our focus is on action. Imagine what will happen to YOU.
The Big Picture
You attend from anywhere in the world for 4 days.

Each day I will address a different slice of your life (Time, Wealth, Deen and Health), guiding you to visualize what it is you truly want and then giving you cutting edge resources. Each and every day you will take DECISIVE action on your dreams. the ultimate goal is that, at the conclusion of our 4 days together, you will have taken the crucial first steps in these key areas of your life!

Make this the most unforgettable year of your life!
"Ever since I took this amazing class, alhumdulillah I have been motivated to make a difference and make each day count for the sake of Allah. Whenever I have an idea I formulate a plan and implement it into action alhumdulillah. I've also accepted that it may not be perfect, but once put into action there is always room for improvements and positive criticism"
Farhana Yunus
"Much of what you said resonated with me. I thought that years from now, I'll look back and think... all that fear to avoid failure led me right to it. Once that fear was gone, it's like I was an athlete that emerged from under the skin of sloth. I'd like to meet Allah swt that way."
Abu Ahmed
"This was such a great event...jazakAllahKhair to Allah(swt)4 giving us this vision and making this vision and making it a reality... I am more determined to achieve the things I want now more than I ever have... you have inspired me to seek further knowledge and influenced my day to day running of my life... BringIt!"
Rupina Begum
"The timing for this event was so key for me. After being in Egypt for 10 months, I am going back to the US with so much clarity...beyond clarity, I stopped thinking and I started taking ACTION. Thank you for embedding action-oriented habits in me MAL, you are one cool cat :)"
Ahmed Arshad
"Bringit has taken me to another level, it [not only] gave me the energy to embrace my dreams again but the power to take steps to turn the dreams into reality ... I am not scared of flying like an eagle anymore. I am not scared of being successful anymore and I am looking forward to it. Right now, I feel like I have the energy to move forward"
What does BringIt! mean?
When a person is faced with a challenge, there's something called a fight or flight response. They’re either going to take on the challenge or they’re going to run away.

For most people, they run away.

That’s where the procrastination happens. They’re running away and trying to avoid the situation.

When a person says, "You know what, I’ve had it with running away from my dreams. I’ve had it with running away from my potential," and they step forward to take on this challenge, it's like they're saying “Bring it on! I’m going to take this on right now!”

That's when change happens. That's when your life starts to change.

And that's where Bring It! comes from.
What's the difference between BringIt! and Visionare?
Visionaire is focused on helping you find out what you really want from your life, discovering the wishes deep in your heart and expressing them in sincere du'as that give you butterflies. In Visionaire, our focus is on learning about when and how to make du'a and what to make du'a for and then trusting in Allah to manifest our du'as.

In BringIt!, we focus on motivating you to take action on the things you need to do. And setting up systems in your life, so that you will be getting tons of stuff done automatically and making massive progress on your dreams all year round.

You know that hadith, "Tie your camel and trust in Allah."?

BringIt! is about tying your camel. Visionaire is about trusting in Allah.

We need to do both.
What is the registration price?
The program is valued at $197.00 USD
I changed my mind, can I get a refund?
You can get a no questions asked, full refund 7 days within registration, giving you access to the first session of the program and bonus resources to explore before making a decision.
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